Hong Kong Graphics Society
Printmakers in Residence Scheme 2009


Printmakers in Residence Scheme: Hong Kong Graphics Society (HKGS) in partnership with the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre (HKVAC)

In order to promote the appreciation and understanding of printmaking in Hong Kong, and to encourage artistic exchange among local and regional printmakers, the partnership program between HKGS and HKVAC is presenting a series of events that will take place at HKVAC between May and December 2009. The program will feature six printmakers from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Macau, working with diverse styles and technique. The six printmakers are invited to this year’s residency program to conduct a series of public workshops and print demonstrations. Please refer to the program below for more upcoming events.

Free admissions. First-come-first-serve. 20 spaces in each session.


Shan Dan & Wu Enqi (Mongolia, China)


  30.5.09 (Sat) 2-5pm
  Theme: The Spiritual Homeland of Mongols in Woodcut Printmaking (Putonghua)

Open studio
   31.5.09 (Sun) 2-5pm

Above picture: Shan Dan (middle), Wu Enqi (right)





Sou Pui Kuen (Macau)

  4.7.09 (Sat) 2-5pm
  Theme: Ultra violet Ink intaglio demonstration (Cantonese)

Open studio
   4.7.09 (Sat) 6-9pm

Above picture: Dr. PK Sou making a demo (far left)






Patrick S. Ford (Hong Kong)

  29.8.09 (Sat) 2-5pm
  Theme: Mixed media printmaking (English)

Open studio
  22.8.09 (Sat) 2-5pm

Above picture: Patrick Ford






Chen Hua-Chun (Taiwan)

  15.8.09 (Sat) 2-5pm
  Theme: Photo- intaglio and Taiwan’s newly invented silkscreen printmaking (Mandarin)

Open studio
  16.8.09 (Sun) 2-5pm

(pictures coming soon)






Liu Cheng Mui (Hong Kong)

  26.9.09 (Sat) 2-5pm
  Theme: Simple and fun- layering technique in relief print (Cantonese)

Open studio
  19.9.09 (Sat) 2-5pm

Above picture: Liu Cheng Mui (middle)






Mak Yuen Kwan, Stephanie (Hong Kong)

  21.11.09 (Sat) 2-5pm
  Theme: The possibilities and digital methods in silkscreen printing (Cantonese)

Open studio
  14.11.09 (Sat) 2-5pm

(pictures coming soon)





Extra Invitational Workshop at HKVAC: Loo Fo San (Malaysia)
May 2009

Above picture: Loo Foh Sang in his studio





How to get to there?
Address of Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre: 7A Kennedy Road, Central, Hong Kong.
To reach us, you can take bus nos. 3B, 12, 12A, 23, 23B, 40, 103 and mini-bus nos. 1A, 9, 28. Or you can take a walk to the Centre through the Hong Kong Park by following the directional signs inside the Park.

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HKVAC- 31012740 Ms Chin